[CH] TRULY HOT sauce recommendations???

Brad Charbonneau (nz1y@hotmail.com)
Fri, 20 Mar 1998 22:00:58 PST

Hi Folks,
    I have recently taken an interest in hot stuff.  I made my own hot 
sauce which is loaded with habaneros (40 habaneros and 6oz of hab powder 
for an 80 oz batch).  However, I want to find a commercially 
available hot sauce, for variety, that is TRULY HOT.  I mean, all of the 
hot sauces say "HOT AS HELL" etc...For instance, I have bought
"Mad Dog's Liquid Fire", "Melinda's Habanero Sauce"...Both of these are 
almost all just flavor, and a tiny aftertaste at the end.  
     I now use my Melinda's sauce for salad dressing.  Even then, I 
barely notice any heat.  
     So, what do the seasoned chile-heads out there recommend?  (aside
from making my own).  How is Dave's, or Endorphin Rush?  Or how about 
some of the sauces that you folks on the list sell from your companies?  
I want only something very hot, because if a sauce is too mild, i end up 
using so much of it that I no longer taste the food i am eating.  I feel 
as if im eating a hot sauce dinner :)
     Thanks in advance,


Brad Charbonneau (NZ1Y)
Physical Therapy Graduate Student
University of Massachusetts at Lowell
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