[CH] New favorite general hab, Lottie's Bajan-Cajun

zzPF IML-chile-heads (IML-chile-heads@i405.com)
Sat, 21 Mar 1998 18:25:54 -0800

I've not seen it discussed, so I'll bring it up!  A co-worker traveler
at my work indicated that on a visit to Barbados found that _Lottie's
Bajan-Cajun_ was popular.  He took it up and brought some back to
work.... we had a hot-sauce party over lunch, and I fell in love.

I've been a C-H for three years, this one has jumped to my TOP 5 list.
Lottie's also makes a related mustard sauce, but not hot enough (pretty
much seemed like the _Bajan-Cajun_ with mustard added).

My traveler reports that in Barbados it is sold in _12 oz_ and _1 liter_
plastic bottles.  He had a bottle of _12 oz_ he imported himself... it
had the price tag of $3.89, which he indicated was Barbados currency...
equal to $2.00 US.  What a bargain...

We found a local source.  That's why I'm reporting about it... someone
is importing it!  My local source is _Chili Inferno_ in Kirkland,
Washington.  However, they charge $6.95 (US$) for a 6oz glass "whiskey
bottle".  YIKES!!

   === What is it like ===

It is a red sauce with visible chunks (not large).   Ingredients:  __Hot
Peppers, Vinegar, Salt, Onion and Garlic__.  There is a drawing of a red
scotch bonnet Hab on the front label, and it sure tastes like awesome
Hab to me.  Despite the vinegar ingredients listing, I would _not_
characterize this as a vinegar-tasting sauce.  It is a "fresh hab
tasting" sauce.  NO TOMATOES, just full fresh pepper flavor.  The hot is
perfect for me, I like pure HOT, but not extract.

  === Anyone else care to report on this? ===

Does anyone else have it?  I searched the last few months of messages
and found only one reference:

Gerry Shaw referenced this sauce in his 12/14/97 message.  Gerry, do you
sell it?  Can you quote your prices?  What is your opinion of this

    Stephen Gutknecht
    Renton, Washington