[CH] Emus, Etc.

Edith Calvert (lordcalvert@worldnet.att.net)
Sat, 21 Mar 1998 21:35:37 -0500

Cant believe u said SE'n Ks not a hotbed of Emus, let alone anything. TSK,
TSK %^)
I went into a little restaurant in Paola, w/ friends on Sunday last yr.
Asked for Western Omlete w/ some salsa on it. HEH!
 Talk about gasps, and looks of <?????> from all...including the chap you
see as CC on this missive. Had something like mild PACE [ oooppps!!] on it.
Had to ass..k for hot sauce. The nice lady brought out "T" sauce. had to put
gobs onnit. Everybody there thought my ass would fall off when I stood up!
She even said they might<quote> might make that a reg. on their menu. BET
BUT>>> About 20mi south of Herington, KS, is a GREAT MEx style rest. You
might have to wait 1/2-1hr outside [ did I say small? ], but they had cold
beer, FRESH, JUST-MADE tort. chips, hot from the oven, and loads of salsa!!!
THREE heat levels. GREAT!
BTW: An EMU RANCH over by Lakeland,Fla., had 30 Emus keel over & die. Think
some form of Salmonella doodit.
AND... WE have an Ostrich Farm here in Brandon/Riverview!!!
Enjoy KS!
BTW: DOUG, Thanks [sorta?] fer the stand-in-back-o' me ] a while back :^)
Cum Grano Salis,eh?
Ed Calvert [ Whipping-boy for the digest ]