Re: [CH] TRULY HOT sauce recommendations???

Machinegun (
Sat, 21 Mar 1998 22:55:09 -0600

Twas Writ:
>Personally, I do not like the extract based sauces.  The heat based
>extraction process, and oil based product resulting account for a distinct
>flavor.  Contrary to the observations of the non C-H folk, my taste buds
>are not fried.  I can taste even small amounts of extract.  Previous
>descriptions of the taste being like an old rubber boot, or "cat flambe"
>are accurate.  
>	At the 1997 Fiery Foods Show, a vendor asked me to try a medium sauce.  I
>tasted the extract, and told him so.  He asked how I could tell, and I
>explained diplomatically.  I actually felt he did not belong in the hot

All true, all true.  And there are also a couple other hot sauces out there
that I've tried that didn't use capsiacin extract, but fruit and other
flavor(s) extracts and they too were, IMO, disgusting due to the
"fakeness".  Extracts just taste bad in general, I think.  If you're
looking for a flavor, use the actual fruit juice a concentrate or whatever
contains the flavor (rind/pulp/blah, blah); if you want the "heat", use the

Get thee behind me, extracts!

But you personal disdain for extracts simply could be due to the
time when ole Rael wuz still a drunk and yes, he did his best to down some
lemon extract in hopes of a cheap buzz.  You know, that stuff just won't
mix with *anything*.  Not a good buzz either <g>...but I digress...

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