Re: [CH] Habanero questions

Jim Campbell (
Fri, 27 Mar 1998 07:30:51 +0000

In answer to your questions....

1. Is there a difference?  Yes.  Green habs are most likely ones that are 
unripe.  They have a flavor that is distinct from a ripened one.  There are 
also yellow ones, red ones, brown ones, and white ones.  In my experience, 
the reds are the hottest.

2.  The Red Savina (tm) is a habanero.  It was not 'genetically created' in the 
sense that it was engineered.  It was however, bred and developed as are 
nearly every other type available.

3.  This is a mostly useless statistic.  The typical values you have listed are 
generally accepted, but conditions vary so wildly that is impossible to make 
general conclusions.  My habs are hotter than ones I found in Jamaica & the 
Dominican Republic, but are probably not as hot as those grown by Mr. 
Garcia & might not be as hot as yours.

4.  I find it to be inedible, uhm, I mean inevitable :-)  This experience is 
increased if done on an empty stomach.  Eating habs on between meals will 
REALLY cause my belly to churn!  This effect is not reported by all 
individuals however.

5.  There have been several posts about the effects of pepper consumption 
and working out.  In one, quoting from a Thai study, it was found that 
athletes performed better after eating chiles although the biomechanics for 
this were not given.

Hope this helps!

-Jim Campbell
Mild to Wild Pepper & Herb Co.