Re: [CH] Nopalitos

Frank J. Hashek (
Sat, 28 Mar 1998 10:24:30 -0500

Words of wisdom, Br'er Rael:-) It would be a good time to learn a few
Spanish words (at least for recipe ingredients and culinary utensils) and
thus cement a friendship.  And who knows what culinary secrets might be
shared when conversation can take place.
May the blessings of El Grande be yours, fjh

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>Twas Writ:
>>How does one prepare the fresh cactus leaf?
>>I suppose I could check with my neighbors MIL who made up a plate of 
>>nopales (a damn fine cook she is) for me, but she does not speak english 
>>and I don't speak spanish.
>Buy some fresh cactus - like, a lot of it - and some fresh chiles (and
>anything else you think may be relevent (?) ), of course, and just head
>over to the neighbor's MIL with goodies in hand and a pleading look on yer
>face, mon.  No words should be needed.  And then clean up whatever mess is
>made in preparation of the cactus/goodies.
>Jus' could work, mon...
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