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Hobby Farmer (
Sat, 28 Mar 1998 13:26:14 -0500

Suz wrote:
> >> snip <<
> I have put plastic milk cartons over my plants, hoping that will at > least keep them from frost and wind damage....  >> snip <<

As one who plants too early (and with the weather this year, who
knows when that would be?), I'd like to add to Suz' comment. 
We've had good results using the translucent gallon milk/juice
type jugs as mini greenhouses.  We cut the bottoms off with a
utility knife, put them over the plant, working them down into
the soil an inch or so.  We pile a little soil around the
outside edge to help hold it against the wind.

I prefer the screw-on caps to the snap-on for ease of use.  When
the temperature is going to drop, on go the tops.  You have to
be sure to pull those tops off when the sun is out and the
temperature rises.  Cooked pepper plants are such a sad thing...

When the weather no longer threatens, the cut jugs stack for

Rain today.  The snow is almost gone!

Hobby Farmer