RE: [CH] Some gardening stuff

Steve DeLassus (
Thu, 2 Apr 1998 10:26:09 -0600

Since we have a Worm's Way nearby, I thought I'd add my two cents worth
about the place in general.  If you've got one near you, give it a
visit.  It's worth at a least a look.  But I always come away from the
place feeling ambivalent.  On one hand, they have a lot of useful things
you won't find in the big homecenter gardening stores (or even more
garden-oriented stores like Frank's).  But when it comes to a lot of
items (especially lighting equipment), this place can seem far overdone
and overpriced.  I don't believe it when I'm told that I need to spend
$200 minimum on a sodium halide setup in order to get decent yield when
my seedlings grow up.  And on top of it, I should consider the $50+
cooling fan and the $15 lamp protector so that I don't fry anything or
anyone.  My cool/warm fluorescent mix is working just fine for a lot
less, thank you.

They have plenty of bat guano (if you're into that sort of thing) and
other fertilizers, lots of pH balancing solutions, fluorescent grow
bulbs, heating cables, mylar sheeting, CO2 generators (another device
that raises the techno-junk flag in my mind; why buy a machine to exhale
for you?).  Like Andie said, a great place for critters.  Lots of
hydroponic stuff.  In all, a good selection of not-so-"mainstream"
gardening items, and a great "gadget" place; just watch the prices, and
use your own judgement when it comes to the high-end item sales pitch.
You can probably find the more common things for less if you look around
a bit.