Re: [CH] Phoenix trip
Thu, 2 Apr 1998 09:40:15 -0700 wrote:

 >>Making a quick trip to Phoenix Friday, and thought I'd check with the
 >>Collective to see about <hot> recommendations for the following:
 >> - farmers markets
 >> - CH shops
 >> - restaurants.

For restaurants:

  Los Dos Molinos - Tempe location is in the better part of town than
                    the S. Phoenix location.

  Richardson's - Bethany Home Rd. & 16th Street

  Eddie's Grill - I think 7th Street.

For shops:

  Calido Traders at the Mall on Scottsdale Rd and Camelback Rd

  Terminal 3 at the airport has a Hot sauce shop - the prices are about the
    the same as in Sqatsdale.

  Any Southwest Supermarket

Not much in terms of local products in Farmers Markets right now. We are
going through a transistion from the winter harvest to the spring planting.
Most stuff right now is brought in from out of state. But you can try:

Roadrunner Park - Sat. til 1:00 pm - Cactus Rd. & 32 St.

Vincent's of Camelback parking lot - Sat. ? time, Camelback Rd. and 44th St.

Glendale - Sat. ? time, Glendale Rd and 59th Ave.

Minn's Farm - farm stand at Northern Ave and 57th Ave.

Young's Farm - in Dewey on the road to Prescott.

Che Wong
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