[CH] Fear and (pepper) loathing in Wichita

Frank J. Hashek (pepperking@mindspring.com)
Fri, 03 Apr 1998 00:25:30 -0500

Nah --- what this guy needed was for you to reach in your pocket and hand
him your bottle of hab powder, which you always carry for emergencies such
as this.  Then you would have said something like "Oh what a novel idea for
wings.  I was just using this stuff here which isn't near as hot as that.
Why don't you try it and see what you think?"

Running on Chile power, frank


>Reply-To: Brent Leatherman <brent@mail.feist.com>
>Gather 'round brothers and sisters, and listen to how yours truly just
>about got his face smashed for being a chile-head....
>SYM was (loudly) announcing just how f***ing hot his wings were, when the
>hero of the story (me!) said: "Hell, if all you're using is Tabasco, it
>can't be all that hot." Oops...SYM was a little in his cups, and I was a
>little blunt....it looked like a bar fight was in the works (really, no
>kidding, he was *pissed*!)...but, I managed to save it by stating that my
>objection to Tabasco was due to the vinegar base.   ;>)