RE: [CH] Chile Shelf Life?

Richard W. Stevens (
Wed, 8 Apr 1998 16:04:00 -0400

Cooking the hell out of a food product will USUALLY kill any bacteria, their
spores, and denature the protein toxins that they produce.  Some of these,
like botulinum bacteria and their toxins are easy to destroy.  Others, like
salmonella spores, can require long term boiling.  If it's just for
yourself, and you don't ming reducing your chile to a sodden mass, you might
want to take a chance.  In general, though, the "When in doubt..." rule is
best, and a must if others are involved.

:{ Rich in Va.
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> Okay, I probably know the answer to this question but I don't
> want to admit it to myself.  I just found a bowl of chile (beef,
> pork and chicken) that has been in the fridge for about three
> weeks.  Now I know I shouldn't eat this, but is there any way I
> can safely eat chile this old.  I read somewhere that enough
> spices will actually cure the meat and preserve it.
> It smells alright (good even :)  Can I cook it, freeze it or
> irradiate it it to kill any nasties that may have grown within?
> I just can't bring myself to throw away what might otherwise be
> good chile.
> Cheers    -Steve