Re: [CH] gypsum application

Phil Cody (
Wed, 08 Apr 1998 21:34:39 -0400

At 12:25 PM 4/8/98 +0000, Celeste or Dave Anderson wrote:
>Here's the scoop on Gypsum (Calcium Sulfate CaSO4)
>Gypsum is used to reclaim alkaline clay soils. Sodium atoms attached 
>to clay particles cause them to pack tightly together preventing 
>water penetration and/or drainage.
Do not try to amend clay soil with sand. You'll end up with cement.

Just yesterday an old timer suggested I take some recently created dry wall
scraps, peel off the paper, break up the white stuff, and till it into the
garden as a source of gypsum. I have bottom-land that is loamy and much
better soil than the heavy red clay soils found in many locations nearby
and therefore did not plan on taking him up on the offer. 

I can not imagine than gypsum is expensive enough to warrant the effort
unless resources were very tight. I am still curious though, has anyone
else heard of using scrap drywall as a source of gypsum in the garden?


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