Re: [CH] Chat channel?

Jonathan T. Smillie (
Sun, 12 Apr 1998 12:44:10 -0500

At 11:54 AM 4/12/98 -0400, =Mark wrote:

>At 05:39 PM 4/12/98 +1000, Kavanagh wrote:

>>Just wondering if anyone knew a chat channel for chillies?


>Firegirl has a chatroom on her site, it has not gotten a lot of traffic.

>Would be best to specify a time on the list here to try to get folks to

>join in.

According to the URL listed, there's a scheduled chat every Wednesday

at noon and 6pm ET, but you can schedule your own too. I'd be interested,

especially if there are other CHs in the Central time zone who might be 

up for an evening chat. 



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