[CH] Rocoto mythunderstanding?

David DeLacey (delaceyd@proaxis.com)
Wed, 15 Apr 1998 18:51:44 -0700

Hi, folks.

I was under the impression that rocotos were not self-fertile, but one of my
three indoor plants, started late last summer, has three fat pods and six
smaller ones hanging on it at the moment.  All of the plants were flowering
earlier, but only the one plant was in bloom when these pods were set.  My
daily flicking of the flowers seems to have done the trick, I guess...

So how common is that, anyway?

Also, these "early" fruits kind of put me in a bind; the plant's in a 6" pot
and was destined for the dirt outside, but I've heard that transplanting
plants with fruit will cause them to drop.  True?  Will it work if I'm
careful and quick about it?