Re: [CH] Rocoto mythunderstanding?

Lynn Edwards (
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 21:32:24 -0700

David DeLacey wrote:

> I was under the impression that rocotos were not self-fertile, but one of my
> three indoor plants, started late last summer, has three fat pods and six
> smaller ones hanging on it at the moment.
> So how common is that, anyway?

My rocotos are self compatible.  However they tend to drop flowers a lot early
in the season for quite some time.  You can tell when the are ready to set fruit
when pollen drops out of the flower when flicked with a finger.  Using a
paintbrush to pollinate the flowers may allow fruit set a week or two earlier.

Second year (over wintered) rocotos set fruit much earlier than first year

> Also, these "early" fruits kind of put me in a bind; the plant's in a 6" pot
> and was destined for the dirt outside, but I've heard that transplanting
> plants with fruit will cause them to drop.  True?  Will it work if I'm
> careful and quick about it?

Here's what I would do:  Harvest half the green fruit, eat them, and report
back later as to the status of the other fruit after planting.

Lynn Edwards