Re: [CH] Jalapeno seasoning

Doug Irvine (
Wed, 15 Apr 1998 18:48:05 -0700

=Mark wrote:
> At 05:06 PM 4/15/98 -0400, Alexandra Soltow wrote:
> >BTW, I *know* that chili powder is not the ideal form of El Grande, but one
> >must pick one's concessions in accordance with the working conditions.....
> >
> You've obviously not tried Calvin or Jim Campbells concoctions!
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YEAH...and vive la difference!!! And no, I dont speak French(except
swear)(but then I do that in German and Spanish as well!)But, like Wow
what a difference between that stuff loaded with all sorts of whatever
and a little bit of chile and comino, and those other great chili
powders, which are made from REAL chile peppers ground up and mixed..
how do people get along with this stuff if they have ever tasted
anything better, like Calvin's or Jim Campbell's(which I have yet to
experience)Cheers, and get hotter, Doug in BC