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Richard Schwaninger (
Wed, 15 Apr 1998 12:13:37 -0700

>From Penzey's:

Your basic mustard

1 cup mustard powder
3 fl. oz. vinegar
3 fl. oz. water
1/2 tsp salt
1 tbs honey

mix until smooth
add peppers as desired

let age (room temp) 4 to 8 weeks

The longer you let it age the milder it gets.  After aging, store in the

On Apr 15,  1:04pm, Sugaree908 wrote:
> Subject: [CH] Intro and request
> Hi all :)  After a 6 month or so absence from the list I am back.  Hope all
> you are good.  Traffic on the list is much lighter than I remember.  Anyways,
> does anyone have a recipe for mustard/jalapeno mustard ?  I bought a bottle a
> while ago and can't find any store around that carries it.  I'm thinking
> mustard can't be too hard, add a few peppers, ya think?  But I imagine I need
> exact quantities.  I had some hab mustard, but the flavor of the hab gives me
> awful heartburn, can't do it.  Well, TIA for any pointers, recipes,
> professing undying love and devotion, haha.
> Peace
> Lynn McKee
> luvin' this great weather we're having in DC
>-- End of excerpt from Sugaree908