Re: [CH] Chat channel?

Valerie (
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 23:44:35 -0400

Hi all!
I justforthehellofitwhynotgiveitatry registered a #ChileHeads
chat channel. Dunno if anyone will come and visit me there, but
hey it's worth a shot! Any ideas on days/times to chat? This is
NOT to interfere with Mary's webchat, it's just an idea for those
who prefer to IRC. Anyway....Here's some info:

It's registered on the StarChat net. Channel name is #ChileHeads.
StarChat has lots of servers, I usually use:
Polaris.StarChat.Net   set port to 6667
For a complete list of their servers, policies, etc. check out 
their webpage at:

StarChat does have nickname services, so if/when you register your
nickname, lemme know via email, k? I use mIRC to chat, been playing
on IRC for a bit. I'm no expert but maybe I can help you get set up
if you're even more clueless than I am :) 

See yaz!

Kavanagh wrote:
> Just wondering if anyone knew a chat channel for chillies?
> BTW: Micheal, I was at your Chilli Festival. Very Immpressive. I hope
> you will hold it for years to come.
>                                         Tom


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