[CH] Perfect dried peppers

Mon, 20 Apr 1998 23:01:04 EDT

Hello fellow pepper lovers!

Ever try to dry habaneros so they actually look like habaneros when they're
done?  Nicely rounded, and puffy, yet dry as a bone? Translucent and smooth,
perfect for displaying?

Try freezing them whole for a day or so and then pop them directly into the
dehydrator. They tend to puff out and develop water droplets inside and then
most (but not all) will dry to a nice golden organge/brown and still look like
a hab.  They may take a little longer this way but they sure turn out purty!

(PS  No guarantees but it seems to work in my cheap ($15) dehydrator from

Just another "Fun with peppers" tip from :
Jeff "The Pepperman"