Re: [CH] The value of rubber gloves

Edmiston (
Mon, 20 Apr 1998 23:22:06 +0000

> Michael Schapansky wrote:

>  I've heard tales of people who are unfortunate enough to develop welts or
> skin rashes due to coming into contact with some peppers.
> My question is, how many of you list members routinely use gloves when
> handling peppers?  What happens if you don't?

 Even though I only recently started cooking after years of not having a
kitchen (when I used to be able to whip up a killer curry), I can't deal with
the rubber-glove sh*t. It's very unconfortable to chop up ingredients that

That said, in light of my recent posting about the absurdity of heat-related
machismo, I will say that chopping habs affects my fingers but in no other way
disturbs me. I can't imagine any other way of doing it.

In other news, Myers blew a save and Fernandez made an error tonight. And now,
fer chr*ss*kes, someone who looks like Maddux is on base for Atlanta. Me, I'm
off to drown myself in Calvin's XTra-Hot Special Blend.

Respectfully (Oh another thing, those Havanna cigarettes rock and Netscape
Communicator on a Mac sucks),

Dr. Nick