Re: [CH] The value of rubber gloves

Michael Bailes (
Fri, 24 Apr 1998 10:16:55 +1000

At 6:44 AM +1000 23/4/98, Nikos Kalofolias wrote:
>Since I can't speak from personal experience(I have only seen a hab
>in gif and *maybe* jpg images ;) I can only give a pointer.
>Since rubber gloves are difficult to use , have you tried these
>plastic nylon - one use only - gloves they sell in 50 packs or so?
>They are the same like the ones they use in markets to handle salamis
>and cheeses and so on.
>Although I 'm not sure that capsaicin won't go through them.
>At least the are thin enough to be easy to feel and use and you can
>alwayz use two of them one over the other.
>Or you could use surgical gloves :)
>Or you could find someone ignorant and ask him to chop those orange
>peppers and in reward he can eat for free as many as wishes to. :))
We have used very thick, industrial strength, bricklayer's gloves when
hadling a lot of habs.
That way the burning and pain in the hands only lasts about 18 hours or so

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