Re: [CH] Healthy things

marxman (
Fri, 24 Apr 1998 10:19:19 +0200

>What about Long Island red wines?  The vinyards there specialize in
>                                                    =Mark

Ooohhh, now he's got me dreaming of Pindar Merlots and ports.... my ex had a
connect there and we used to buy it by the case every time we drove east....
I recommend it two thumbs up! I always loved Merlots, but these are the best
I ever done had..... truly. They make a champagne method sparkling wine
that's pretty tops too.....

Diane, thirsty in Flanders after a 12 hour night shift in the local refugee
center, eating honey pecans dusted with Calvin's Wonder Powder and drinking
a glass of cheap but tasty port.... a fine combo!! Later, folks!