Re: [CH] Possums

lukasz (
Thu, 23 Apr 1998 20:57:31 +1000

Leave Bananas out for a month then get a possum trap from the
National Parks and Wildlife Service . 
When you have caught more than 15-19. ring the head Ranger and
tell him you think you have an Infestation .If he agrees  tell
him you know the Secretary of the Woolgoolga Hunting Club Inc
and can arrange a hunt if he gives permission ,<g>. Any Possums
caught in traps should be released not nearer than about 10 klms
from site of capture !!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Guy across the road let some go 1 klm down the road and they
beat him home .... )
Borrow a couple of dogs for a week and let them pass water near
your Chile Plants .-this works ! for about 3-4 weeks .(in dry
weather !)

Plant a sacraficial crop.!-Find out off the NPWS what the
preffered diet is for garden Intruders ,then plant it ....

Spray Bleach around your Garden -untested but a hint someone
gave me recently.
	Luke In Oz