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Randy (
Wed, 29 Apr 1998 18:22:17 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Rael,

Wow!  Thanks for the suggestions!  Major improvement!

I've seen crawfish here in A-town but they were sittin' on styrofoam
and wrapped in cellophane.  It smelled like it had been there WAY too

I think I mentioned here a while back (and was justly ignored) that
you're supposed to catch opossums live and grain feed 'em for awhile -
takes out that "gamey" taste.

On the roadkill - you're right!  I think one reason that happens to
'em is because they go out on the road to munch on other critters that
suffer similar type fates - not very appealing!

I just saw on the News another ground beef scare - That Chili Tofu
diet is sounding better and better!

Thanks for the ideas!


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---Inagaddadavida <> wrote:
> Twas Writ:
> >Rael, your comments are needed for improving this recipe!
> Uh, honestly, I'd probably say go for a crawfish stuffing and leave
> roadkill to Brother Crow...yet you asked.
> >              
> >
> >                     *  Exported from  MasterCook  *
> >
> >                             POSSUM STUFFING
> >
> > Categories    : Meats
> >
> >  Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
> >--------  ------------  --------------------------------
> >   1                    Onion, large, finely chopped
> some celery...say, a couple of stalks (match the amount of onion; or
> less/more, according to your taste..)
> >   1       tb           Fat
> use butter for the flavor
> >                        Possum liver (optional)
> hmmm...I'd go for chicken liver maybe...a good smoked sausage,
> mebbe...possibly cook the above down and add some tart apples,
> chopped...not sure what fruit would go good with Mr. Possum, but
> seem to be safe for most stuffings...
> >   1       c            Bread crumbs
> >   1       t            Red peppers, chopped
> more, more..."to taste" in other words...and not bell peppers,
> >                        Worcestershire sauce, dash
> >   1                    Egg, hardboiled, finely chop
> yuck...I hate hardboiled eggz in anything...personally, I'd skip
this, add
> in some oregano and thyme, parsley (cilantro? could be weird..could be
> wunnerful...), some breadcrumbs and a raw egg or two to bind...wait,
> I'm thinking of crabcakes..damn...
> >                        Salt to taste
> >
> >  Brown onion in hot fat, add finely chopped liver. Cook
> >  until tender. Add other ingredients plus enough water
> use a good chicken stock or veg stock...water sucks...
> >  to moisten mixture. Mix, stuff possum and skewer or
> >  sew the opening shut. Suggestions: Some parboil the
> >  possum before roasting. Others remove the skin and
> >  fat. Try rubbing possum with a little sage before
> I'd omit and rub the possum with chile powder...
> >  roasting. Sweet potatoes are absolute requirement to a
> >  Southerner.
> Naturally...and make 'em mashed chipotle sweet taters...
> I had a recipe for cooking possum.  Can't find it now.  All my
> are packed up too.  But if you're gonna eat possum, I'd parboil the
> critter (ha..who am I to talk..) REAL well.  Cook the hell outta
him.  I'm
> a redneck, but I gotta admit, possum just ain't, well, I ain't got
> desire to eat one.  The more I read about animal
processing/"growing", the
> mad-cow biz in the EU, etc...the more I'm prone to a vegetarian
> that's an off-topic topic, different list, etc...
> Thank El Grande for the Chile!  Man *can* live by tortilla, salsa, and
> water alone...more or less <g>...
> Peace, Hendrix, and Chiles.......
> Rael
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