[CH] Dayton/Cincinnati Area Chile Heads

JeffJCOA (JeffJCOA@aol.com)
Mon, 4 May 1998 16:51:40 EDT

For those of us in the Dayton/Cincinnati, Ohio area...

I was down at Jungle Jim's in Fairfield a few weeks ago and found that they
now sell Habanero bread, similar to their Jalapeno Chili-Cheese bread.  Nice

They also have a huge selection of pepper sauces & related spices from around
the world.  I picked up some of the breads, some Blair's Death Rain, Pure Cap,
and also a Peri Peri powder from South Africa.

A pretty neat place to spend a couple of hours wandering around.

Usual commercial disclaimers apply (I'm only paid in $10s & $20s).

Jeff Johnson
Germantown, OH