Re: [CH] Cuttings from chile plants

Brent Thompson (
Tue, 05 May 1998 13:12:37 -0700

> Any suggestions for aphid control?

As long as ants are under control, best way to get rid of aphids is
1) ladybugs, larvae and adults
2) lacewing larvae

If ants cannot be controlled, physically removing the aphids often helps
quite a lot when trying to clear up really awful infestations that for some
reason you didn't notice until they'd already gotten so bad -- e.g. rub the
aphids off with your hands or spray them off with the hose.

Of course there are plenty of insecticide products available with varying
degrees of toxicity.  Insecticidal Soap is basically benign, and usually
helps for a week or more.  Pyrethrins and rotenone I suppose are up the
next level of toxicity, but still pretty safe.  And so forth...  but I'm
not really familiar with the variations of insecticides available beyond
this -- since quite a while a combination of whatever beneficial insects
are around along with emergency hose use has done pretty well for me, with
very rare resort to insecticidal soap or pyrethrin.]

 ---  Brent