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Rich McCormack (
Sat, 09 May 1998 06:33:54 -0700

Michael Bowers wrote:

> Habanero's in the late summer/early  fall (ie,in season), run about $1-2 US/lb
> at the farmers markets.  In the stores now, they are coming from Mexico (here
> in California), and they run $5-6/lb, and the heat is quite variable.  In
> summer the supermarket habs drop to maybe $3-4/lb....

A few month's ago, while visiting one of my local supermarkets (San 
Diego County, CA), I asked the produce manager why the store never 
stocked habaneros.  He said there just didn't seem to be a demand 
for 'em but he'd look into it.

A couple of weeks later, while visiting the same store, I found 
bagged habaneros (five of the little dudes to a bag, and I do mean 
little) priced at $2.99 per bag.  A quick mathematical calculation 
showed me the store was selling 'em for about $22.00 per pound...ouch!  
I mentioned to the manager that the price was a bit steep and he sorta 
shrugged his shoulders in a jesture that seemed to say "You asked 
for 'em, you got 'em."  I continue to buy my habs elsewhere (usually 
Henry's in Poway, formerly called Boney's...small local chain), where 
I generally pay from 3 to 5 bucks a pound...when they're more than 
5 bucks I don't buy 'em unless I'm desperate.

Rich McCormack (Poway, CA)

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