Re: [CH] Chile-Heads Digest V4 #409 Cuttings from chile plants

Cameron Begg (
Fri, 08 May 1998 08:16:02 -0500

Hi C-H's,
Diane Marxman wrote RE: Cutting stems:

>    To accomplish this, would it work to take an even longer cutting and =
>then immediately re-cut the end in water?

Yes, that's what I meant. Sorry for being vague.

>about how many minutes does one have to get it done?

Seconds not minutes. Set up everything you need. Cut the selected stem
(young - actively growing) and quickly plunge it underwater. Pick up the
razor blade and make the second cut underwater. Now you have time to stop
and think.

>    Would you have anything in the water to promote the rooting?

I concur with Brent Thompson that hormonal rooting compounds probably help.
I would not add any fertiliser until roots are established. If you use
rainwater and change it often enough to prevent it going slimy, it will
carry the tiny amount of nutrient needed by your plantlet. It is possible
that a trace of phosphorus might encourage rooting. Read the container of
your hormonal rooting compound to see if it has already been added. I'm
sure the manufacturers know all the side issues.

>    Could you relate what varieties seemed to give you the most problems =

I cannot give you quantitative answers because there have been too many
variables. Choose peat pots which feel soft and spongy, rather than the
cardboard type, to increase chances of root penetration. I have seen
potbound "clones" from the species chinense, and baccatum that I can
remember, but this may be more related to variety than species.

> And, do the =
>plants, once rooted, behave as if they are as old as the "mother" plant, =
>that is to say, will they flower and bear fruit quickly?

Yes - after recovering a sufficient root system.

>Diane, setting up an indoor garden in Flanders

Diane did you use tomato "grow bags" as I suggested? If so I would be
interested to hear how you get on with them. The U.S. C-H's might want to
know how to make them.

                     Regards,               Cameron.