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 Some of you may be inspired toward calling me a food elitist here, but it's
 hard for me to imagine getting real Mexican food in a place that's so far
 away from Mexico. I live in the Phoenix area, and when I'm travelling I
 don't even try for Mexican unless I'm in Mexico or the Southwest. Will,
 have you (or anyone else in this discussion) ever had Mexican-style food
 closer to the border? How does it compare? I have no benchmark to compare
 this against and I'm curious. >>

I tend to agree with you.  The further from Mexico I get, the less the food
tastes Mexican.  The food may still be good, but it is not Mexican.  I prefer
to call it Mexican style food.  This could be due in part to the fact that the
further from Mexico one travels, the fewer Mexicans one encounters.

Some of the ingredients may be south of the border and the recipe may even
resemble something Mexican, but since I am passionate about food with flavor I
can usually tell when the cook has not put his/her heart and soul into the
food.  To me Mexican food is something that comes from within (no not gas).
The food must be lovingly prepared by someone who cares about the food, not
someone just following a recipe and going through the motions.  This is true
for all food, not just Mexican.

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