[CH] Sambal Tumis

Anna Monro (Anna.Monro@ea.gov.au)
Wed, 13 May 1998 15:07:53 +1100

     Hi all -
       I hope this isn't one of those idiotic questions which everyone asks 
     when they first join the list, which will result in great flaming and 
     I'll never be allowed to live it down.  I'm new to this, there's about 
     a zillion archives and I don't see a FAQ anywhere on the web pages!
       Anyway - I'm having a dinner party this weekend, using a mixture of 
     Thai and Malaysian recipes.  One of them (for Mi Goreng, a noodle 
     dish) calls for Sambal Tumis, which the recipe helpfully explains is a 
     chili sauce.  Having just looked through an Asian grocery and found 
     plenty of sambals (oelek etc) but not tumis, I'm wondering if it has 
     another name.  A Web search gave me a few places in the U.S. to mail 
     order it from and even the odd recipe - did I mention the dinner is 
     this weekend??  I'm going to try a slightly bigger Asian grocery 
     tomorrow but after that, I'll be out of ideas.
       If there are any experts on Asian chili sauce out there, I'd 
     appreciate it if you could give me some clues on alternative names or 
     failing that, possible sambal substitutes.  I'm in Canberra, 
     Australia, where there are a number of Asian groceries to search - but 
     you might want to keep my location in mind before you advise me !
       Anna Monro