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Mark Gelo (
Wed, 13 May 1998 23:24:27 -0400

Steamers sound kinda good. You have to eat them right out of the pot,
though. Overcooking them is no good. I'm sure this would fit right in.

I nomally do seafood cocktail sauce using freshly grated horseradish, a
little commercial "seafood cocktail sauce"  then add hot sauce of choice.
It's good on oysters, or the raw shellfish of your choice.

I can bring some steamers. I still havn't finalized my offerings for this
party yet.

Concord, Massachusetts

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Date: Wednesday, May 13, 1998 11:10 PM
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>YYZkid wrote:
>> Welp, as long as I'm here I'll throw out a question for y'all. Has anyone
>> tried making cocktail sauce using Dat'l Do It Hot Sauce (which I
>> affectionately call "ketchup") and horseradish? I might try that one this
>> weekend. Lump that stuff over some raw clams. you're talking.
>Haven't actually tried that but I don't see why it wouldn't work. the Dat'l
>is pretty mild for a hot sauce but a superior ketchup substitute. Try
mixing it
>half & half with horseradish with a good sqeeze of lemon jiuce and a
healthy dash
>of Hab powder to give it a little character.  Should be fine for clams or
>Or...which I have tried, mix a green hab sauce like Lol-Tun with melted
butter and
>a dash of lemon and dunk steamed clams, mussells, crab or (preferably and)
>in it. Perfect justification for one more beer. :)
>Hmmmmm...anybody wanna do steamers at Jim's in Boston on the 31st? I'll
bring my
>clam steamer if anybody's interested.  :)
>John Benz Fentner, Jr.
>Unionville, Connecticut, USA
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