Re: [CH] The Worst salsa you've ever had.

Bill Oakes (
Thu, 14 May 1998 14:28:29 -0700

Whew!  I'm glad I'm not the only one.  I'm in Austin regularly, and while I
personally love Papacito's, I'd been told repeatedly about how much better
Chuy's was.  Went to the same one, fyi.  Thought it was...well, boring.
Good cold Corona's, though.  But, salsa was based on catsup, as stated.
When I asked for fresh peppers, was looked at like "what kinda wierdo are
you?".  I asked for sauce to make up for the lack of fresh peppers, and
got...sigh....Tabasco.  I pushed the envelope, and asked for something with
a bit more spark.  Got Cholulas.  Double sigh.

Haven't been back.  Hard to give THAT response a second chance.
Bill Oakes
San Jose, USA

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Date: Thursday, May 14, 1998 7:49 AM
Subject: [CH] The Worst salsa you've ever had.

>Having enjoyed many a bowl of salsa over the years I thought I'd share last
>nights experience.
>I went to Chuy's on Barton Springs Rd in Austin, TX.  This place is or was
>local hot spot.  Not as much for the Chile seasonings they use but....well.
>I have a hard time understanding it.  It IS cheap.  Maybe that's a lot of
>the appeal.  The point here is that when the obligatory dish of salsa was
>put out there were actually 2.  One was based nearly entirely on catsup.
>Not a good brand either.  If there was Chile in it I couldn't detect it. Of
>course it would have taken a bit to activate my heat sensors.  There were a
>few chunks.  Few and far between.  Yuck.
>Luckily the other bowl had a pretty good Pico de Gallo so all was not lost.
>But that salsa was awful.
>I went to a Mexican place in Miami one time where the salsa was fresh
>jalapenos ground up in a food processor with a little water.  No S&P.  Just
>Jalapenos and water.  Not the most imaginative.
>Where have you folks found the best and WORST salsas??
>Inquiring minds and all that.