Re: [CH] Worst Salsa...hey, that brings up a pet peeve!!!

Jonathan T. Smillie (
Sat, 16 May 1998 13:17:11 -0500

At 04:56 PM 5/15/98 -0400, J&M Daily wrote:

>Does anyone else have a favorite story to share? I'm interested in learning

>how you've dealt with this.

The closest I've come to this is at some Thai restaurants here in Madison 

(Sa Bai Thong and SukhoThai, for those of you who want to avoid them). 

In the first case, I have requested food at Sa Bai Thong "extra hot" or 

"Thai hot", and been confronted with the answer "But it already IS hot." 

When I've insisted, the response has been "Do you know what you're 

doing?" The food is good, but the minuscule amount of jacking-up of 

the heat level they do is not worth the effort. Go across the street to 

Bahn Thai instead- they use one star for "hot", two for "very hot", but

if you ask nicely- and persistently- they'll do five. 

At SukhoThai, on the other hand, I've been bare-facedly insulted by the

waiters. I have gone there twice. Both times I have requested my food 

extra-hot or Thai hot. Both times the request has been greeted by a 

snide remark from the waiter (different one each time, neither one a 

Thai) to the effect of "OK, it's your stomach lining." Suffice to say that 

there will not be a third time.

In case this seems like a case of "the chile-head doth protest too much",

let me just add that there are plenty of places in Madison that WILL

adjust heat levels with a smile (sometimes a sardonic one, but when 

you eat the ten-star basil chicken without wiping your nose once, it

becomes genuine...) Ten years in customer service industries have 

taught me that the customer, while not always right, must never be 

flat-out TOLD that he's wrong. The truism that a satisfied customer 

tells two people and a dissatisfied one tells ten is a truth as well.




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