Re: [CH] Worst Salsa...hey, that brings up a pet peeve!!!

J&M Daily (
Sat, 16 May 1998 15:38:52 -0400 (EDT)

>In case this seems like a case of "the chile-head doth protest too much",
>                    (((*...much snipped...*)))
> Ten years in customer service industries have 
>taught me that the customer, while not always right, must never be 
>flat-out TOLD that he's wrong. 
Actually, I disagree on this point...for the simple reason that this is
probably why certain food service personnel smile and say 'ok' when you ask
for authentically spiced cuisine...and then bring you mildly seasoned food
On any commercially prepared food that has a variable such as level (or
intensity) of heat, the customer *should* be right always. I'm paying for
it; so if I ask for my food very hot, that's the way I should receive it
(OTOH though, I realize that this would lead to some people complaining
"...but I didn't mean THAT hot!!!" :-)

Anywho, I found a way to get my food seasoned the way I want it (and this is
completely true): At a local chinese takeout, I've repeatedly asked them to
make the Szechuan Chicken very spicy, and each time it does increase
slightly. Impatient fellow that I am, the last time I ordered it, I asked
the cook, "Do you know what a Habenero pepper is?" 
"Yes", he replied.
"I eat them", I said.

It was *excellent*! :) 

>The truism that a satisfied customer 
>tells two people and a dissatisfied one tells ten is a truth as well.

I've never heard this, but it definitley hits the nail right on the head!