Re: FW: [CH] Cranking up the heat in restaurants!

Dan Butts (
Mon, 18 May 1998 12:53:04 -0500

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> Subject:       FW: [CH] Cranking up the heat in restaurants!
> Date:          Mon, 18 May 1998 10:40:27 -0400
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> In response to Jonathan Smillie's request for ultra-hot food in a Thai
> restaurant, what happens when a order is really too hot to eat?  Has
> anyone been thwarted by asking then not being able to handle extra-hot
> versions of restaurant food?  Is anyone brave enough to 'fess up?
>                                 SandyO
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A few years ago, while chowing down on my favorite Shredded Pork 
with Garlic Sauce at the local Chinese restaurant, I managed to fork 
in a whole little red pepper that almost put me right on the floor.  
I was several minutes recovering.   I'm not sure what kind it was, 
but it looked similar to a Vietnamese Tear-Jerker that DocPepr sent 
me two or three years ago.  Man was that little sucker hot!  Did 
manage to finish the meal, though. 

BTW, does anyone have a recipe for this delicious concotion?  They 
have taken it off the menu, so I need to be able to make it myself.

Dan Butts
CH #53