Re: [CH] Consumer opinion/ Hot sauces

BzRvueNews (
Wed, 20 May 1998 07:50:58 EDT

I've been buying whatever reasonably priced hot sauces I can find at my local
TJ Maxx and Waccamaw.  Last time I bought about ten different bottles at 1.99

I love a cool bottle and will always buy one.  I used to only want heat but
aftermany month on this list that has changed to heat and flavor.  I wish I
had the resources to grow and do my own but I don't.  My husband has taken to
blending sauces for me.  The other day he nearly killed me when he blended
about seven different hab sauces with as many drops of Dave's Insanity along
with several different pepper mustards and expected me to use it as a dip.