Jalust (Jalust@aol.com)
Mon, 25 May 1998 08:17:41 EDT

First, don't read this Eric!!!!!

Thank you to Jim Campbell for the great slice of the bread.  It arrived
glowing beautifully in its box.  I have made some croutons out of part of it
to use on salads, pizza and straight, as snacks.  It is wonderful

Thanks to Curt and Susie Snyder for the "I survived "THE BREAD" button.  I'm
sure it will get many comments and questions.

Eric, I am ordering some red savina powder from Jim because my "grind" just
would not be as good, and I will get that loaf to you.  I have owed Eric a
loaf of the Bread for many months.  He sent me some wonderful sauces that he
made and I was supposed to try making the bread as I have a bread machine.  I
procrastinated, but it is probably for the best because you really need that
fine gound red savina, not the flakes I have.

I hope I have the talent, skill and as good a bread machine as I need for this
worthy project!