Inagaddadavida (
Tue, 26 May 1998 23:30:19 -0500

Twas Writ:
>ee-kee-AHH-chi does it for me!  That's also the sound I make when the sauce
>is too hot!!

Hmmm...Rael wuz thinkin' more like /yuhk'-yAH'-chi/ which is the sound I
make when I am butchering whole chickens...or when dressed in latex, having
slithered across the floor pretending to be the snake, looking into the
garden of Eve...uh, Eden...whatever...

Wait...maybe that's Innagaddadavida, Baby...time passes and I tend to

Either way, there's usually a chile nearby, beckoning me, daring me, saying
in that VOS (voice o' seduction) :  "eat me".  Which makes me
wonder if there ain't some sorta chilebalistic-sorta thing going on...after
all, I know chiles, spend much of my time with them, have raised quite a
few in the past from mere seeds/seedlings, love them, dream of them, hold
them up to El Grande and scream "Praise Be!" for their existence...

...and then eat them, lick my lips, slobber a bit, think of jesus, wonder
how Jimi's getting along at the Heavenly Bar and Grill, and in essence,
have me a chile-gasm-religious-experience....not to confuse the carnal with
the spiritual, but sometimes it just gets damn hard to separate the two...

Could it be there's too much time on my hands at the moment and the
ramblin's are just pent-up like a big ole dog?

How 'bout: YKYACHI if you talk to chiles regularly...and they frequently
talk back...

Sigh...pardon to all, and to all a goodnite...

Peace, Hendix, and Chiles.......

Rael"...uh, would you happen to have a .wav of that?..."64
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