Re: [CH] Smoking and other deviant pleasures

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>In regards to chile smoking, Bear wrote:
>>Soak the wood in water before placing it on the coals so the 
>>wood will burn slower and create more smoke.  The barbecue 
>>vents should be opened only partially to allow a small 
>>amount of air to enter the barbecue, thus preventing the 
>>fires from burning too fast and creating too much heat.
>Please indulge me for a spell. Although I've never smoked chiles (that will
> soon change) I would strongly advise against over-smoking *any* foods. Until
> recently, I used to smoke meats and wonder why they always had a very bitter
> flavor. Here's why, according to Clark "Smokey' Hale--author, publisher, and
> barbecue chef.

Members of the BBQ mailing list have put together an online FAQ of BBQ info
that is pretty staggering in it's volume and scope.  A new updated version
is on the horizon also.  It can be viewed at:


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