Re: [CH] Smoking and other deviant pleasures

Jim Bardsley (
Wed, 27 May 1998 15:26:47 -0100

This is a very helpful website and I've been on the monthly BBQ mailing list for a
while now.

With reference to smoked foods taking on abitter flavor, there are typically three

    1) the smoking wood had bark.

Try to separate or shave off the bark from any wood you use.

    2) fire got too hot

This can cause a sooty taste or can also cause the items your smoking to
caramalize or cook too much, influencing the flavor.

    3) oversmoking.
(Already covered.)


=Mark wrote:

> >
> >Please indulge me for a spell. Although I've never smoked chiles (that will
> > soon change) I would strongly advise against over-smoking *any* foods. Until
> > recently, I used to smoke meats and wonder why they always had a very bitter
> > flavor. Here's why, according to Clark "Smokey' Hale--author, publisher, and
> > barbecue chef.
> Members of the BBQ mailing list have put together an online FAQ of BBQ info
> that is pretty staggering in it's volume and scope.  A new updated version
> is on the horizon also.  It can be viewed at: