[CH] Mourning the Red Dog Tavern :,-(

J&M Daily (daily@capital.net)
Wed, 27 May 1998 15:45:54 -0400 (EDT)

 Yes, I did try to call first, but all I got was a busy signal. I took this
as a sign that someone was home...alas, the line was disconneted. The Red
Dog Tavern is no more..wait a minute...

*choking back a sob*

Ok. Apparently, Mr. Klamm has sold the bar (which *looks* like it's being
renovated, but don't take that as gospel). Currently (according to an area
grocer) he is looking for a place to make the sauce. This grocer told me to
contact him in about a month to see if he had any yet. Price is about $10 a
bottle, but if anyone on the list wants a bottle, I'll see if I can talk him
down a bit (or, better yet, talk to Mr. Klamm myself). One of the locals
told me he had a friend who recently bought the last known bottle for $50!
 Here's what I'm willing to do (as I've already had several emails asking
for a bottle): Email me (again please - if you've already sent me a message
this morning) and let me know that you're interested in a bottle. I will
keep track of who wants it and call in a few weeks for a price. I'll then
contact everyone who asked for a bottle and let them know how much it will
be (and if they still want one). I'll also let you know who's setting the
price (so that anyone who wants to can verify it). I'll then make a trip to
Inlet, get all the bottles at once and mail them out. The *only* thing I'm
asking is that you pay the postage (and the price of the bottle, of course! :-).
 This is the first time I've ever tried this, so let me know what you think
(also, someone please let me know if this is inacceptable behavior for the

"Official 1998 Gofer for the Chile Heads" 

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 is around to hear him...is he still wrong?"