RE: [CH] Peppers in the news, New world record!

Matt Kraft (
Mon, 1 Jun 1998 18:23:48 -0400

Heck, I could eat 200 peppers in 5 minutes

	 As long as I got to choose the type
	-- I Choose Pequins!!! :)

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> Hello fellow CH's
> I just saw on the news that a person ate more chile peppers in a few
> minutes then any other person. He got his name in the guinesse book of
> world records and his next goal is to eat 200 chile peppers in 5
> minutes! When he was eating the peppers he didnt seem to even break a
> sweat! I dont know about you but that seems like a lot to eat, but
> they
> didnt mention the type of chile peppers that he ate but they were
> prety
> long, green and very thin and spindilly (i suck with spelling). It
> makes
> you wonder how bad it hurt going in and out the day after!