Re: [CH] copyright violation

Inagaddadavida (
Mon, 01 Jun 1998 19:55:43 -0500

Twas Writ:
>Chilehead's Homepage, Jeff's Poetry Page, and many many more. The
>Chilehead's Page is really being abused, showing the gallery on every other
>page, and milking everything they can out of it. They are using frames. You

Man, what balls ('scuze me..).  Not only are they using the photos from the
Chilehead gallery, but they have been "redone" by some guy in the
Netherlands who gets credit while there is no mention other than the links
to the Chilehead site.

Lesee...they've got our British chileheads site (all yer recipes, bro..):

Coyote Moon's site:

And hey! stuff from the Tabasco *there's* a company who likes to
sue, sue, sue!

Jeez, this site does some major on-line raping...


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