Re: [CH] Pickled Jalapenos

lukasz (
Tue, 02 Jun 1998 23:26:33 +1000

Renae wrote:
 I don't know how
 it is in England, but in the US the labels are supposed to list
 ingredients in order of highest to lowest quantity.
I think thats a Global standard now.

Anybody know how to Grow Xanthan Gum or Spice Extract. <G>
Just looking at a 1 yr old NEVER TO BE OPENED Bottle of Taco
Bell Hot Sauce that Kay and Lorraine sent me about a year
ago---Duh -- and the first Ingredient listed is Water ..second
is tomato Puree- Brackets of which the first Ingredient listed
is also water  ???-the last is Natural Flavor .. All brought to
you by Kraft foods Inc .. list sounds a bit thin to me. 
		Luke In OZzzzzzzzzzzzzz