[CH] Fwd: response from Passport

Mary Going (mary@firegirl.com)
Tue, 02 Jun 1998 20:19:29 -0400

What if I took the April issue of Chile Pepper Magazine, cut out the
articles, pasted them into another set of pages, said they were from the
April issue of Chile Pepper Magazine, sold advertising to sponsors, and put
my name on the cover? Copyright violation? Even though I gave them credit?
You bet! Even if I *didn't* sell advertising, it would be a violation. 

- mary

>From:	EMurray@thepassword.com (Murray, Edward)
>To:	pepperman@sizzling.com ('pepperman@sizzling.com')
>Dear Jeff
>Our magazines are subject specific directories that utilize frames.
>Frames provide a structure for the user, a place to come back to so they
>don't get "lost" on the Web. 
>As for the content we select, we employ a team of editors who search the
>Web and bring back what they determine to be the best content on a
>specific subject - the content most worthy of a user's time. Experts in
>searching, our editors find what the typical user would never find, and
>put it all in one convenient place - a Password magazine.
>We do not claim to own the content, we simply direct the user to the
>content. Most Webmasters welcome the site traffic generated by The
>Password (for instance, we generated 800,000 additional page views for
>ZDNet in one month alone!). We understand your objection to being
>framed, however.
>What I propose is this: we continue to link to your site, but without
>the use of frames. This would mean that a link and summary would appear
>within our frame, but when a user clicks on that link, a new browser
>window opens up onto your site.
>Of course, we can remove the link entirely, if that is what you decide
>you want us to do. Please let us know.
>Ed Murray
>Editorial Director
>Password Internet Publishing Corp.
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