Re: [CH] Cheap hot sauces

Jim Bardsley (
Fri, 05 Jun 1998 08:59:03 -0100

I think it depends on the market niche you're targeting, how you market,
and the quality ( and size) of your product.

Clearly, no one is going to pay $5 for something that is a clone of
Tabasco or Crystal sauce (unless you're selling it for $5.00 a gallon.)

While I'm not a retail strategy expert, I would think that you wouldn't
have much success in moving your $5 a bottle product through the local A&P
or Giant Foods....this isn't the sort of thing people on a budget buy to
put on their scrambled eggs. On the other hand, there are a lot of
botique-oriented services out there, especialy internet and mail-order
based, that might be good vehicles for your product. I'm sure there are
other members of this list who will have a lot more to say about this than


Robert Farr, Chile Man wrote:

> Hello, y'all.
> I see a lot of posts about purchasing cheap hot sauce - which has me a
> bit worried!
> I'm just starting to bottle and sell, and mine are $5/bottle (after
> checking the catalogs/store shelves, that seemed about right).
> Does that mean I'll be at a significant disadvantage when trying to
> market this?
> How many of you really buy on price??
> TIA,
> Robert.