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>>Your web site is wonderful!!!!  There will be a least Three families from
>>my lineage coming to the 2nd annual Summer Slostice Hotluck.  I don't know
>>what I will be bring yet, but my father is bring some hot-n-spicy barbeque
>"Cluck Man?"
>>I am thinking about bring a side dish------that's about as much
>>as I know at the moment.  We are all looking forward to the great time of
>>live music, chilli tasting and pepper eating contest, "The Bread" and
>>seeing fellow chile-heads.
>Great to hear it!  Feel free to chat it up on the list, as I'd like to get
>as much interest up as possible.  I can't understand the lack of response.
>The turnout at your place on a rainy fall day shows there ought to be folks
>willing to check it out.
>I will be bringing some shrooms and smoking some ribs and such, and a
>friend from work makes a bitchin potato salad.  Rich is thinking of a
>smoked beef and sausage stew.  I went to a BBQ last week ( check it out at:
> ) and had the best cole slaw I've
>ever had!  I'm wheedling the recipe from him as we speak.  I might make
>some of it.  Also, tonite I am experimenting with bottom round steak,
>sliced into strips and marinated in my chipotle dressing.  I'm going to
>skewer and grill them and see how they come out.  Sort of a Mexican Satay!
>Good to hear from you!  See you in a couple weeks...
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