Re: [CH] copyright violation

J. Gunterman (
Sat, 6 Jun 1998 17:15:09 -0400

on another list I inhabit we had a similar (though different ;-) issue.
some "list archiver" was collecting every post that came across the list
and placing them on a web page....

after a long brew-ha-ha the list Owner went and imbedded the following line
in the header of every message that came through the list-proc:

X-Copyright-Header: The contents of the XXXXX mailing list are copyright by
<List Owners name> (The List Maintainer) and the individual authors.
Reproduction in any form is forbidden without the express written consent
of the article authors (in the case of individual postings) or The List
Maintainer (in the case of any compilation, archive or digest).

so if the scum sucking swine try to copy even a single post ever agian they
are gonna go after them with both barrels.. Luckily,  a Major Corp. hosts
the list so the do have the where-with-all to backup thier threats ;-)