[CH] Re: Szechuan spice (Szechuan peppercorn or fagara)

TR Kiang (magian@bellatlantic.net)
Tue, 09 Jun 1998 02:39:26 -0400

One of the cookbook describes this spice as a speckled
brown peppercorns with a mildly hot flavor and a pleasant

My mother told me this spice is considered poisonous in
its raw form and needs to be heat treated to remove the
poison.  I have used two forms of this spice.  First, it's
crushed and mixed with salt and then heated to remove
the poison.  This form is used as a dip for plain cooked
foods like drunk chicken, Szechuan duck, etc.  Of course,
you can add crushed pepper to further enhance the heat!

The second form is derived as a flavored oil.  The
flavored oil is used as an additive to food after cooking.
As noted earlier, one's tongue gets numb after awhile;
so use sparingly or follow recipe closely.

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