[CH] Haven't posted in too long: habanero/onion salsa

Dana H. Myers (myers@West.Sun.COM)
Tue, 9 Jun 1998 01:16:48 -0700 (PDT)

I haven't posted anything in ages, I might as well contributed something
of mild value ;-)

An easy salsa that I find works really well with quesadillas is
simply chopped white onion, peppers, lime juice and salt.  The selection
of pepper(s) is the big variable.

Tonight I tried this with habaneros (unfortunately, the pickled kind,
but they're quite good).  I used one medium onion, 5 medium habs,
juice of two limes, two cloves of crushed garlic and about 1/2 tsp

Wow!  It is similar to a Sontava sauce, but different because of the
large proportion of onions.

Nothing ground-breaking, if anyone else tries let me know what do you
do with it.

Dana  K6JQ